Lane Cup

15.   a. 4 Bowls per player.

      b. Winner is first to 90 points.

      c. The Bowl nearest the jack scores 4 points, second nearest scores 3 points, third nearest scores 2 points, and fourth nearest scores 1 point. This means the total score in each end must add up to 10.

      d. The player who casts the jack and begins the end is the player with the shot bowl in the previous end.

      e. If any two bowls which are in the count are exactly the same distance from the jack, unless the two bowls belong to the same player, the two bowls, and those two only, are played again to decide who will have the higher score. This occurs once the other scoring bowls have been agreed and all bowls are removed from the rink. The player who began the end shall bowl first.

* Please ensure golf tees are pushed well into the ground so as not to impede moving bowls.

  • Points A and B are two metres from the ditch.
  • Point C is 23 metres plus 5 centimetres from point A and point B.
  • The front of the mat is placed at point A in odd numbered ends and point B in even numbered ends.
  • For the short jack, the jack is placed at point C; the end is played from points A to C.
  • For the long jack, the jack is placed at point A; the end is played from points B to A.

Lane Cup specific:

        m. In the event of a 90-90 tie, one extra end shall be played. The toss of a coin shall take place, the winner of the toss deciding who is to play first.

      n. Should the extra end finish a tie, a further end shall be played, once again following the toss of a coin as per rule 15-m. Further ends shall continue to be played until one player wins an end.