The main green will be open on the 16th April.

Help with the Rink Booking – 

Common issues with the Rink Diary:

User name: Your user name isn’t your email, it is your first name and the first letter of your surname. For example, Boris Johnson would be borisj   (note that it’s all in lower case)

April 2021

Rinks 1 to 8 are dedicated to the bowls green. Rinks 11 and 12 are for petanque. Currently there are only four rinks for bowls and one rink for petanque, but that could be added to with short notice.

Watch the video below for instructions

TO REGISTER, please enter, your first name, last name, your e mail address and then you need to create your own password and confirm it, plus then click, not a robot, then press the register box. The system will send you an E mail within 24 hours. Please check your spam and junk folders. This E mail will give you your, User name.

LOG IN. Please enter your User name and your own password.This will then give you access to the system and allow you to view bookings/matches etc. It will also allow you to book a rink. To book a rink, hoover over the box and click. This opens up a form, book your slot request. Fill the grey boxes (your name & partner’s name) and then click, request slot. You will receive an e mail confirmation. Again, check your junk/spam box. To delete the slot, just click your slot and press delete. When finished, click top right box, LOGOUT.

Having problems.

Sorry, this is now the only way to book a ring and play in 2020, due to COVID 19 safety requirements. Please chat with a fellow member for help or phone/text/Email  Chris Moore or Peter Bowyer for assistance, if you are unsure.

Feedback. We welcome feedback so we can all follow safety measures and improve our new club booking dairy. Please share your views with other members so together we can all be safe and enjoy happy bowling on our green in 2020.

Scroll bar: If members have put in too much information, you may not see the whole week on your computer screen. If so, go to the bottom of the rink diary and use the scroll bar ( see picture below)