Saturday 18th September 2001

a. 1 Bowl per player
b. Winners are the Man and the Lady with the lowest scores.
c. A “Golf” based competition.
d. To be played on Saturday 18th September.
e. Each player bowls on a minimum of 18 holes. The number of holes dependant on the number of entries. The first 9 are to be played on either forehand or backhand (same hand for all 9) and the second 9 are to be played on the other hand.
f. Scoring will be based on distance from the pin after all bowls for the hole have been delivered.
Within 2 feet 1 point
Within 3 feet 2 points
Within 6 feet 3 points
Outside of 6 feet 5 points
g. Identical measures will be supplied.
h. In the event of a tie there shall be a 3-hole play-off.
i. The winner of the play-off will be the player who wins most holes in the play-off.
j. Each player may have one trial round (1 wood only) prior to the start of the competition