Final Result

Skips to organise teams to give equal number of matches to each of their squad – in the groups of 4 that means three players play 4 games and one player 3 games. In the teams of 5 players, each player has 3 games each.

I hope this brief summary will be especially helpful to new members and to those who have never played in the Mens Triples.

Friday morning triples start this year in the first Friday inAugust at 10.00 am sharp and all men are welcome whatever their experience. It is useful for new members as it gives an opportunity to play formal bowls in a relaxed way amongst ourselves.  
Each player will be assigned to a team of five with a team leader who will draw up a rota for their team.  Three members of the team will play each Friday so that everyone has an equal number of games during the season. 

There are no trial ends One point on the first two ends. All matches are 16 ends. Greys.

I hope as many as can will support this as it is a really enjoyable way to spend a Friday morning.

All games to start at 10.00 am
White/Club shirt, greys.
16 Ends
Friday 21 August:Rink
Jaguar v Ferrari   1
Lotus v Aston Martin3
Mercedes v Bentley2
Friday 28 August:Rink
Bentley v Ferrari      3
Mercedes v Lotus2
Jaguar v Aston Martin1
Friday 4 Sept:Rink
Aston Martin v Ferrari2
Lotus v Bentley1
Mercedes v Jaguar3
Friday 11 SeptemberRink
Ferrari v Mercedes2
Jaguar v Lotus3
Bentley v Aston Martin1
Friday 18 SeptemberRink
Ferrari v Lotus            1
Jaguar v Bentley2
Aston Martin v Mercedes3