WDBC – COVID 19 Supplementary Rules to Bowls England & Government guidance
CHECK SHEET, items 1 to 19 for Social Distance Bowling, issued May 2020.
Before your bowling timed slot.
Book an online timed slot with your name for singles game/roll up on rink 1, 2, 3 or 4.
For all member’s safety, please keep to the stated arrival and departure times.
Arrive at the club dressed to play, with your own bowls. No food please.
Should you feel unwell or believe your may have covid 19, please cancel asap for others.
At the club on the day
Sanitise your hands & equipment (bowls, jack, mats, chair) before and after you play.
Do not assume the person before has sanitised equipment.
Please change your shoes at the side of the green & leave your bags over 2m apart.
Remember the social distance rules
Set up, using 2 mats and 2 jacks, one at each end. No 2m sticks, or scoreboards.
Only player A to handle/set the mat & jack during the session. Player B to score.
If player B won the last end, player A to position mat & jack at player B’s request.
Player B to use your own score card for the timed session.
Do not touch the opponent’s bowls, avoid measuring for shots and chalking bowls.
Please remind each other of the guidance and enjoy your bowling with a smile.
After Bowling
Sanitise your equipment, mats, jacks, chair, locks, keys, door handles, before & after use.
Ensure the club is locked and secure.
Please take any rubbish away with you, including any cleaning surface wipes.
Feedback. We welcome feedback on safety and how we can improve next week.
Please E mail Les Page or text / call Jenny Hart with any suggestions or concerns.
07443 610183
Remember, we are allowed to bowl for physical and mental well being. Please enjoy.
The clubhouse is closed except for toilet & hand washing access.
Dressing rooms : please collect your equipment from your lockers & store at home.
Please use the hand sanitiser at the main door before and after, or bring your own sanitiser.
Rink markers : There will be only rinks 1 , 2, 3 and 4 positioned by the green team.
Gloves. If required, please bring your own.
The club bowls are not to be used and the club bowls store cupboard is closed.