The social committee have decided to hold a walk on Thursday 22nd October at the new Heartwood Forest in Sandridge.  We hope that if successful, it will be one way we will be able to keep in touch during the Winter months

It is planned to separate walkers into two separate groups of up to six with a 15 minute gap between each group so as to observe the rule of 6 people together. For this to be successful it will be important for us to observe social distancing between the 6 walkers in each group and for the two groups to keep apart.  This is quite a short walk but it will give us some idea of how it will work.

There is a car park at the Forest but no toilets at the moment.

It is hoped that if people want to have lunch together afterwards we will be able to book two separate tables probably at the Wicked Lady. Moira and I will book the tables separately.  Walkers may also wish to book a table for two direct. In this case please advise Moira and Janet.

Please telephone either Moira on 01438 820133 or Janet on 01438 821252 to indicate if you are coming and also to let us know if you want lunch. We will need to book tables by 15th October at the latest for those who want to have lunch.

We have limited the numbers to 12 people but we will be doing more walks if successful. Please come and join us.

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