Monday 3rd August results

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Mixed Triples League Teams

IAPeter TJenny HBette PGill R
IBPeter BSue TAnne B
1CAlwyn CSheila GJean BJim Mc
IDMike PBrian CRoger SLinda C
2APaddy JLes PPetra K
2BPhil RColin JBrenda B
2CNigel WCyn BSusan B
2DJoe FAndrew BJanet M
3AEddie GLarraineCDave BJan Y
3BBarry SMick CMoira Mc
3CKevin RChris MAnn CBob B
3DIan WJohn JRon CRita B
4ARhianna RChris RKay B
4BIan KKeith PPenny J
4CVal CDan P-CLinda D
4DStan KLen TClara R

Fixtures and Rules

1A V 1B4A v 4B2D v 2B3A v 3D1B V 1D1
1C V 1D3C v 3D3B v 3D2B v 2C2A v 2D2
2A v 2B4C V 4D4B V 4D1B V 1C3B v 3C3
2C V 2D1A V 1C3A v 3C4A v 4D4B v 4C4
3A v 3B2A v 2C4A V 4ClA v ID5
Please arrive by 5.30 pm ready for a prompt 6.00pm start White /Club shirt and greys.
18 Ends, 1 shot only to count on the first two ends. No practice or visiting the head
Each team plays the other 3 teams in their League. 2 Points for a win, 1 point for a draw,
In the event of a tied group then shot difference will count and if still tied the higher number
 of shots will count If needed the first team to 11 points in the game 
between the top teams will decide.
The four League winners will contest the Semi-Finals on Saturday 8 August at 2.00pm 
and the Final will be played on Sunday 9 August at 2.00pm