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4 Bowls per player, Australian Pairs.

On the First End the Lead bowler deliveries two of their four bowls. This is then followed by the Skip bowling all four of their bowls. Finally, the Lead then bowls their remaining Two Bowls completing the end.

On the Second End, the order of play is reversed. The Skip now plays the Lead position and bowls two of their four Bowls. The Lead player has now moved to be the Skip and bowls their four Bowls. Finally, the Skip, who is still playing as the Lead on this end, bowls their remaining two bowls.

The format of reversing the playing positions is then continued throughout the game. 

In the event of a tie, a tiebreak end will be played. The toss of a coin shall take place, the winner of the toss deciding who is to play first.
The tiebreak shall be treated as an odd-numbered end
The winner is pair with the highest score after 16 ends.