We will have Match Stewards (MS) and Catering Stewards (CS) for all weekend and midweek friendly matches. No individual will be required to perform both roles for the same match, but this does imply that you may be asked to perform one or other role more often than when the roles were combined.

Match Stewards

Two Match Stewards will be chosen from the players selected to play in any given match and those selected for duty will have MS next to their name on the team selection sheet posted on the notice board. Therefore, for Ladies games the Match Stewards will always be ladies, for Men’s games they will always be men, and for Mixed games they will generally, but not always, be one of each gender.

See the Match Stewards Duties guidance sheet, posted on the changing room notice boards, for details of what needs to be done.

Note that a Fairness Chart for Match Stewarding will be maintained alongside the Match Selection Fairness Chart to ensure that stewarding duties are proportional to the number of games played.

A Bar Steward (BS) will also be selected for each game on the same basis as above, and will have BS next to his/her name on the team selection sheet.

Catering Stewards

We have to cover two different types of match, midweek and weekend, and the requirements differ. Midweek games require only tea and biscuits serving in the clubhouse at the halfway point (men’s & mixed games) or at the end (ladies games). Weekend games require tea and biscuits on the green at the halfway point, plus the  provision of sandwiches and cake at the end.

The above will all be resourced on a rota basis. In an attempt to distribute the workload fairly, members nominated as weekend Catering Stewards will only have to cater for one match in the season. Those nominated as midweek Catering Stewards will be nominated twice, (ie for two different matches). This is because the work involved in weekend catering is at least twice that required midweek.

For midweek matches the Catering Stewards need to purchase sufficient milk and good quality biscuits.

For the weekend matches all refreshments (mid-break tea and biscuits, and the meal post match) will be purchased by Cyn Blakes and Gloria Turner so Catering Stewards for weekend matches will not now have the responsibility of purchasing refreshments.

Rotas have been prepared, on the basis of the  above, and posted on the changing room notice boards, Please note, if you cannot make your duty date, it is YOUR responsibility to arrange a swap with someone else.

Note also, that while those catering at a weekend cannot possibly play in the match on that date, it is quite feasible for those on the midweek rota to both cater and play, if energy levels permit. If this approach suits you, just arrive a little earlier and ensure that you have set out the tables, mugs, biscuits, and teapots before the game starts, and get off the green quickly enough at the halfway point (or at the end of a ladies game) to fill the teapots without keeping everyone waiting. You will also have to stay a little later to wash up and put away after the game. If you put your name down for selection for a midweek game when also on catering duty you stand as much chance of being selected to play as anyone else. For midweek matches the losing rink will wash up and clear tables.

Match Fees

Match Fees remain at £3 for Home Matches only – unless advised differently.

The Match Captain will always arrange for the collection of the match fee (via the skips on each rink)) and pass the money to the Catering Steward. The Match Stewards will also pass the raffle money to the Catering Steward. The Catering Steward (on midweek games only) will deduct any costs incurred (milk/biscuits) before completing the chitty, and they will put the money down the tube in the kitchen.


This year we will be giving bottles of wine, beer, & chocolates for raffle prizes. The match captains will make the prizes available on the day from stock. The Match Stewards will run the raffle as usual (see the Match Steward Guidance Sheet).

Leaving the Clubhouse clean and tidy

All players are expected to contribute to leaving the open area clean and tidy before they depart. Catering Stewards are expected to leave the kitchen clean and tidy on completion of their duty. The Bar Stewards are equally responsible for their area

As a courtesy to those who will next use the clubhouse facilities. Please don’t just assume someone else will do it.

The Playing Committee