Final Results

TeamCometsCaterine WheelsRocketsSparklersRoman CandlesFire Crackers
SkipBabs Nicholson Jean Barclay Rhianna Russell Elsie AndersonSheila GrimmantJennie Hart 
 Beryl HillJanet MercyClara RussellPenny JonesPetra KnivetonBette Philpot
 Rita BeasleyLinda DawsonKay BirdLinda CousinsSusan BassettAnne Beattie
 Sue TyeAnn CurrellBrenda Barth’Jan YoungCyn BlakesAnn Wiles
  Gill ReynoldsSue Brzeski   

The Ladies Triples League will start on Monday 10th August at 10.00am sharp.

There are 4 /5 players to each team.

All matches are 15 ends

Every team has a skipper/coordinator (s/c) who will arrange which member of her team will play in each match and also to for you to contact if you cannot play

No trial ends and one point for the first two ends. Two points for a win: one point for a draw. If teams have equal points then shot difference will count.

Contact skip/coordinator with any queries.

White/Club Shirts/Greys

Monday 10th August  10.00am

Monday 17th August   10.00am

Monday 24th August   10.00am

Monday 31st August   10.00am

Monday 7th   Sept.      10.00am