Becoming a member is a great way to meet and make friends while getting some fun physical activity, but if our website has been your first encounter with bowls, don’t worry!

The sport is internationally renowned for the friendliness and support given to new players. All of our members will provide helpful advice on how to play bowls.

Membership entitles you access to our sunny patio, and clubhouse, to play in club roll-ups, internal competitions and competitions with other clubs. Also, you can attend our social functions. You can join us during any Social Bowls activities.

Prospective members. Come down and try bowls as our guest in our Open Friday evening Roll-ups :

Friday Evenings from 5 pm.

We have bowls you can borrow if required.

We will all have a fun social game, to introduce you to bowls. It is easy to learn.

We will have food supplied after the game. You are most welcome to join us for a meal of fish & chips.

30 April at 5 pm.

20 August at 5 pm

3 September at 5 pm

17 September at 5 pm

Sat 8 May at 5 pm.

Sat 29 May, 10 am, family and friends Club roll up and open day.

Bank Hol Mon, 31 May, 10 am, family and friends Club roll up and open day.

Sat 3 July, Family and friends Club roll up open day. 

Sat 24 July 5 pm. Club Open evening

The bowls are provided; wear comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes.

This video below, shows how our club roll-ups work (pre and post Covid-19)

If you are new to bowls, you may be interested in this Bowls Canada video, they have produced an excellent short promotional video, to show people that are new to bowls, what fun it can be.

You don’t have to live in Welwyn to enjoy our fine green. This is where our members live

Can we play bowls in the Winter?

Although the main green is closed, we do play short-mat bowls,

This photo was taken pre-Covid

For any questions; feel free to contact either Chris or Pip on

For any questions; feel free to contact either Pip or Chris on

Welwyn & District Bowls Club bank account, download form below