If you are a playing member and want your name to be included for playing in one of these friendly matches below; email friendlies@welwynbowls.co.uk and ask for you or your fellow member to be included. Please put in the event you wish to be included in.

Dress code: W=whites G=greys Event code: G=men X=mixed L=ladies H=home match A=away match

4T means four triples matches 4R means four rinks matches

38 Friendly matches in 2022

2022 Day Club         Available to enter
15-May-22 Sun Clarence Park (St. Albans) 4T A 14:30 Whites The Team
22-May-22 Sun Shire Park 4T H 14:30 Whites The Team
27-May-22 Fri Harperbury (Radlett) 3T A 14:30 Greys The Team
29-May-22 Sun Rosedale (Cheshunt) 4T A 14:30 Whites The Team
01-Jun-22 Wed Oakhill 4T H 14:30 Greys friendlies@welwynbowls.co.uk
08-Jun-22 Wed Stevenage Town 4T H 14:30 Greys friendlies@welwynbowls.co.uk
10-Jun-22 Fri North Herts 4T A 14:30 Greys friendlies@welwynbowls.co.uk
12-Jun-22 Sun Sawbridgeworth 4T H 14:00 Whites  
14-Jun-22 Tue Riverain 4T H 14:30 Greys  
15-Jun-22 Wed Potters Bar 4T H 14:30 Greys  
18-Jun-22 Sat Datchworth 4T A 14:30 Whites  
19-Jun-22 Sun Batchwood 4T H 14:30 Whites  
23-Jun-22 Thu St Ippolytts 3T A 14:30 Greys  
25-Jun-22 Sat Hertford 4T H 14:30 Whites  
28-Jun-22 Tue Townsend 4T A 14:30 Greys  
03-Jul-22 Sun Hertford Castle 4T H 14:30 Whites  
05-Jul-22 Tue Buntingford 4T H 14:30 Greys  
06-Jul-22 Wed Radlett 4T A 14:30 Greys  
12-Jul-22 Tue Barnet Blind na H 12:30 Greys  
16-Jul-22 Sat Baldock 4T A 14:30 Whites  
21-Jul-22 Thu Hitchin 4T H 14:30 Greys  
27-Jul-22 Wed WGC 6T H 14:30 Greys  
31-Jul-22 Sun Rosehill 4T A 14:30 Whites  
07-Aug-22 Sun Cheshunt 4T A 14:00 Whites  
14-Aug-22 Sun Harpenden 4T A 14:00 Whites  
19-Aug-22 Fri Barton-le-Clay 4T H 14:30 Greys  
20-Aug-22 Sat Whit Hern 4T A 14:30 Whites  
23-Aug-22 Tue North Mymms 4T H 14:30 Greys  
28-Aug-22 Sun Bovingdon 4T H 14:30 Whites  
01-Sep-22 Thu Royston 3T H 14:30 Greys  
06-Sep-22 Tue Shepalbury 4T A 14:30 Greys  
08-Sep-22 Thu Parkinson Event na H 12:00 Casual  
10-Sep-22 Sat Langford 4T H 14:30 Whites  
14-Sep-22 Wed Potters Bar 4T A 14:30 Greys  
16-Sep-22 Fri Three Horseshoes 4T A 14:30 Greys  
20-Sep-22 Tue Hatfield 4T H 14:00 Greys  
27-Sep-22 Tue Hemel Hempstead 4T H 14:30 Greys  
02-Oct-22 Sun Bovingdon 4T A 14:30 Whites