a. Mixed Fours competition.
b. Teams will be drawn after splitting players into 4 pots, according to ability, as perceived by the Competitions Committee.
c. The competition will comprise of 4 rounds of 7 ends, all played on one day, this being Saturday 12th September 2020.
d. At the beginning of the first match, each team shall decide their playing order.
e. For each subsequent match, players shall rotate position, Lead to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to Skip, Skip to Lead.
f. Each end won will score 2 points. 3 points for winning each match, 1 point each for a draw. The shot difference shall only count in the event of a tie at the end of the competition.
g. NO visiting the head.
h. NO dead ends. If a team kills and end, they shall forfeit the end, also conceding 5 shots.