1. Previous winners of the Ladies Singles, Men’s Singles, Barclay Cup, Ladies Handicap, Men’s Handicap, Mixed Handicap and Dansie Trophy competitions are ineligible to compete.
  2. 4 Bowls per player.
  3. The winner is the player who wins most sets.
  4. 2 sets of 9 ends.
  5. In the first end of the second set, the player who did NOT start the 1st set plays first.
  6. In the event of both players winning a set each, there shall be a 3-end deciding set. The toss of a coin shall take place, the winner of the toss has the choice of jack on ends 1 & 3, the loser of the toss has the choice of jack on end 2.
  7. In the tiebreak set, it is scored by the number of ends won, not by shots.