• The first named players shall be the challengers and shall be responsible for booking the rink.
  • Both the challengers and opponents should endeavour to contact the other party to arrange a date to play.  This is no longer solely the responsibility of the challenger.
  • Evening and weekend dates must be included as some members are still working.
  • If the match cannot be played for any reason, competitors must decide between themselves who is at fault and enter the innocent party to the next round.
  • If a decision is not made by the final date of each round, both parties will be eliminated unless any mitigating circumstances are accepted by the Competition Committee. It is recommended that matches are played as early as possible to avoid this occurrence.
  • Extensions to dead-line dates may be granted, in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Competitions Committee. NO extensions will be granted due to players being on holiday.
  • Dress code is Greys with club or white top for Players and Markers. Regulation bowls shoes ONLY.
  • If on holiday on the play by date, inform the opposition immediately and arrange the match before going away.       
  • A substitute must be of the same sex and considered by the Competition Committee to be of no greater ability than the original entrant.
  • Only one and the same substitute is permitted in pairs and triples competitions.
  • No member who has already played in a particular competition can be a substitute in that same competition.
  • In any competition, at any time, the player(s) giving a walkover cannot act as a substitute thereafter.
  • Substitutes can only be made up to and including the quarter finals, except under exceptional circumstances with the agreement of the Competition Committee.
  • In the event of no decision being reached in any round owing to exceptional weather conditions, and when it is impossible to rearrange the match before the play by date of the round, the score in an uncompleted match in which 11 ends or more have been completed shall stand as a result.
  • If there is sufficient time before the play by date, a match that is abandoned can be arranged for another day continuing with the score as it was when the game was stopped.
  • If there is insufficient time before the play by date, matches in which less than 11 ends have been completed and cannot be completed before the play by date of the round will be decided by the toss of a coin.
  • In all competitions shall have two trial ends of a minimum of two bowls for all players shall be allowed.
  • In any dispute, the decision of the Competition Committee (made up of the Competition Secretary, Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain and Chair of the Playing Committee) shall be final.
  • Entry to all competitions is unrestricted unless otherwise stated.


Men’s Pairs specific:

  1. Winner is pair with highest score after 16 ends.
  2. Pairs will be determined by splitting players into 4 pots depending on ability as perceived by the Competition Committee.

Ladies Pairs specific:

  1. Winner is pair with highest score after 14 ends.
  2. Pairs will be determined by splitting players into 2 pots depending on ability as   perceived by the Competition Committee.

In the event of a tie, those players with the highest score will be considered joint winners.

Ladies Triples League Winners v Men’s Triples League Winners

  • Teams consist of representatives from the winning teams of the Men’s and Ladies Triples Leagues.
  • 3 bowls per player.
  • Winner is triple with the highest score after 18 ends.
  • In the event of a tie, a tiebreak end will be played. The toss of a coin shall take place, the winner of the toss deciding who is to play first.


Ladies Singles, Men’s Singles and the Barclay Cup will be drawn in the “full draw” format whereby the winner of match 1 will play the winner of match 2 in the following round etc.

All other competitions will be drawn in their entirety prior to the 1st round in a “FA Cup style” format.*

As an example, this means that the winner of match 1 will not necessarily play the winner of match 2 in the next round. Winners are placed into a new draw to decide matches in the following round.

Following round fixtures will be publicised on an individual match basis when the winners of the previous round matches have been decided.

The full draw will be sealed and kept in the clubhouse for reference in case of any dispute and will be available for members’ perusal following publication of the semi-final draws.

Competitions Committee

July 2020